RFID stands for:




The easiest way to explain RFID is to liken the technology to barcodes and barcode scanners.

Now replace the “barcode” with an RFID tag and replace the barcode scanner with an RFID reader (which includes an antenna).

The fundamental difference between the two, is that a barcode scanner needs to “see” the barcode to scan it. With RFID technology, the RFID reader simply needs to be in close proximity to the RFID tag to read it.

When an RFID reader is close enough to an RFID tag, data is transmitted from the RFID tag to the antenna of the RFID reader in the form of radio waves.

Once the information is collected, the reader converts the radio waves into a more understandable form of data. From there it can be stored in a database, used in applications or extracted and analyzed.

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