About WI CAN

Formed in 2009, the Wisconsin Child Abuse Network (WI CAN) is an inter-disciplinary public-private partnership dedicated to improving the accuracy of child abuse investigations and is led by representatives of state departments, community-based organizations, professional associations, along with the state’s medical universities and children’s hospitals.


  • Child maltreatment has immediate negative consequences for the child, family and society, and its lifelong impact on physical and mental health is devastating.
  • Accurate detection of and effective intervention for all types of child maltreatment require a coordinated inter-disciplinary response by law enforcement and child welfare, usually with input from medical professionals.
  • While the law enforcement and child welfare responses are statutorily mandated and funded, the medical response beyond making a mandated report is not.
  • WI CAN has created a solution to improve the response to child maltreatment in Wisconsin by increasing access to evidence-based practices, education, and experts from key disciplines.

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